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Functional Capacity Evaluation

Are your patients struggling with pain and impaired motion?  When you diagnose these conditions, where do you refer them? At Legacy rehabilitation, Inc. we define success as freedom of motion and freedom from pain. We accomplish this by making your patients a priority so you can focus on caring for your other patients. We will work with you as a team to develop the patient's treatment plan, utilizing the latest research and proven techniques to ensure positive therapy outcomes.

Do you get difficult cases and don't know how to move them along or get closed? Do you have patients that does not reflect succesfull surgery or heals slowly? Do you need to establish levels of effort? Do you need next step options? We accept work injury related cases and perform functional capacity evaluation to answer critical questions including but not limited to reliability, job match or return to work decision.

Our practice is dedicated to getting results, so you can be sure your patient will be satisfied when they return to your office for a follow-up appointment.